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Marco Di Francesco

was born in Isola del Gran Sasso in 1950. Until the age of sixteen, he lived in the woods and valleys on the slopes of the Gran Sasso; and it was here, in this enchanted and silent place, that he absorbed a sense of the wonder of nature.

"Life is an inexplicable gift and although we see scenes of war, hatred and human misery every day, it remains immeasurably delicate and wonderful. We should always remain in love with it."

Self-Portrait - 1972



Di Francesco is constantly inspired by the phenomena of nature, as befits one who has chosen the sun as his instrumentum pingendi.

Giorgio Di GenovaArt critic

Marco in a constant meditation accompanies the mystery of creation, just as from a stone and a branch, from a patch of existence breaks through to upset the consuming and devouring routine of life, opens up new realities, makes possible a new balance between what is the dimension of our unconscious and the space of the world.

Elio MercuriAuthor

Marco Di Francesco makes what we overlook important and points his attention where we never look.

Placido ScandurraPainter, engraver and restorer

I was astonished, nay amazed, at the pictorial originality of Marco Di Francesco, as I observed: 'You can still invent in art! And Di Francesco's is pure invention, highly original.

Antonio SpinosaJournalist - Publisher

In the period of his greater maturity, the artist proposed, in his characteristic humility, a series of works destined to leave an indelible mark. At a time of flattening creativity and a cooled interest in modern art, which produces no ideas and therefore no new school of thought

Vincenzo AnzideiJournalist and writer


Via Bollengo 32/D
00123 | Rome | Italy


T: +39 329 20 31 548

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